About Delix
  • The Delix Brain Health Revolution

    Delix is changing the way we think about treating the brain. By leveraging the brain’s own ability to grow and form connections – a process known as neuroplasticity – we are discovering that both physical structure of brain cells and mental function can be improved for a variety of patients. 

    Delix is pioneering a novel class of therapeutics, known as psychoplastogens, which promote rapid and enduring neuroplasticity, creating new treatments that are safe, fast-acting, and long lasting for the people that depend on them.

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  • The Delix Neuroplasticity Platform

    Delix is pushing the frontiers of neuroplasticity research to achieve selective re-wiring of pathological neural circuits.  As neural circuitry dysfunction is core to most brain disorders, the Delix platform has broad potential to address a range of diseases including treatment-resistant depression, substance use disorder, PTSD, cognitive impairment in schizophrenia, neurodegeneration, and many others.

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  • The Delix Pipeline

    Using our platform, we are developing a pipeline of distinct therapeutic assets tailored to specific disease indications.  By tuning novel molecules inspired by the structures of psychedelics, our compounds positively re-wire pathological neural circuitry but without the hallucinogenic and other side effects that have prevented ketamine and psychedelics from being deployed at scale.

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  • The Delix Discovery Engine

    Our scientific rigor has enabled us to build broad screening capabilities that include gold standard assays as well as innovative, cutting-edge technologies. We are advancing our portfolio of over 1,400 compounds based on > 8 unique chemical scaffolds.  Our first two assets are on track to be in the clinic in 2023, with several additional compounds not far behind.

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