Repairing the Brain to Heal the Mind

Delix is harnessing the power of a novel class of compounds known as neuroplastogens, to bring about a new paradigm in brain health therapeutics: treatments intended to be safe, fast acting, and long lasting for those that need them most.


The neuroplastogen engine

Delix is changing the way we think about treating the brain. By leveraging the brain’s own ability to grow and form connections—a process known as neuroplasticity—we are discovering that by healing the physical structure of brain cells, we can potentially improve mental function for patients with various needs or conditions.

Preclinically, our neuroplastogens induce selective neuroplasticity and rewire precise neural circuits, which can help alleviate prevalent neuropsychiatric conditions.

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Pushing the boundaries of neuroscience

Our focus is to develop safe, fast acting, and long lasting novel therapeutics that will address the growing brain health challenges facing our society.

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Ushering in the brain-health revolution

Ushering in the brain-health revolution

We are driven to be at the forefront of a new era of brain health. And we’re looking for like-minded individuals to push the boundaries of neuroscience and help create a whole new type of medicine.

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