Our Team

Pushing the frontiers of neuroscience

100+ Years of neuroscience research

35+ Patents

40 INDs and counting

20+ BLAs and NDAs

10+ Product launches

The Delix team has one mission—to provide novel therapeutic options for brain disorders. We share a passion for using revolutionary science to help patients who have not been served well by current approaches. We tackle significant unmet medical needs by balancing innovation with rigor; speed with safety. Our team of scientists, clinicians, and industry veterans are passionately committed to pushing the boundaries of neuroscience for those who need it most.

Meet our team of history makers

Board of Directors

Nick Haft

Vasudev Bailey, PhD

Delix Team

Katerina Adragna

HR Specialist/Office Manager

Rajiv Agrawal, PhD

Associate Director of Pharmacology

Michael Bower, PhD

Associate Director, Computational Chemist

Milan Chytil, PhD

Senior Director of Medicinal Chemistry

Andrew Felts, PhD

Principal Scientist

Daniel Gillie

Principal Scientist

Matt Gorman, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Aaron Koenig, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Prescott Leach, PhD, MBA

Principal Scientist

Retsina Meyer, PhD

Head of Corporate Strategy

Tricia McCall

Chief People Officer

Stephanie McTighe, PhD

Sr Director, Pharmacology

Colin Minchom, PhD, FRPharmS

Vice President, CMC

Alison Mungenast, PhD

Senior Director of Neuroplasticity

Nick Pelletier, MBA

Head of Clinical Operations

Robin Prince, PhD

Principal Scientist

Kurt Rasmussen, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Mark Rus, MSc

Chief Executive Officer

Eliseo Salinas, MD, MSc

Head of Research and Development

Pranay Srivastava

Scientist Neuroplasticity

Paul Vancutsem, DVM, PhD

Vice President, Toxicology & DMPK

Lisa Wilson

Executive Assistant/Office Manager

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