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feb 2023

Delix Therapeutics Partners With Cellectricon, Expressive Neuroscience and Expands Science Team To Accelerate Drug Discovery and Translatability

sept 2022

Taking the tripping out of psychedelic medicine

sept 2022

Delix Therapeutics and Pfizer UK Recognized as Gender Equity Champions for Women in the Workplace by Healthcare Businesswomen's Association

sept 2022

Delix Therapeutics Expands World-Class Team with First Head of R&D

sept 2022

Ketamine, psilocybin and ecstasy are coming to the medicine cabinet

sept 2022

Nature Biotechnology Selects Delix Therapeutics as a Leading Biotech Start-Up

sept 2022

Nature Biotechnology’s academic spinouts 2021

aug 2022

Get Ready for the Magic Mushroom Pill

july 2022

Taking the Magic Out of Magic Mushrooms

july 2022

Accessibility Is Key for the Psychedelic Revolution

mar 2022

Drug companies are investing big in psychedelics, but can they engineer out the trip?

jan 2022

The Future of Psychedelic Medicine Will Be Drugs You’ve Never Heard Of

jan 2022

Delix Therapeutics Closes $30 Million Convertible Note Financing, Enters $10 Million Strategic Credit Facility Option in Partnership with Comerica Bank

dec 2021

Delix Therapeutics Partners with the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) to Advance Research on Non-Hallucinogenic Therapies to Treat Substance Use Disorders

oct 2021

Delix Therapeutics Announces Appointment of Dr. John Krystal to Scientific & Strategic Advisory Board

oct 2021

Delix Therapeutics Named One of Fierce Biotech’s “Fierce 15” Companies of 2021

sept 2021

Delix Therapeutics Closes $70 Million Series A Financing to Advance Pipeline of Novel Psychoplastogen Therapeutics to Treat Brain Disorders

aug 2021

Delix Therapeutics Continues Rapid Growth with Appointment of Chief Medical Officer

july 2021

Delix Therapeutics Expands Executive Leadership Team